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Complete Research and Development Services

We specialize in the Research and Development of products and systems of an electrical, electronic or mechanical nature.  We have performed numerous engineered designs ranging from simple plastic grommets to microwave radio systems and data center HVAC (air conditioning) equipment.  Having 22 years of product development and business experience including working as CTO for a  technology company, Kleinholz Inc. founder Jim Fink, PE, MSEE, MBA, has the ability to guide your product development from  preliminary feasibility research through vendor selection and quality volume production.

 electronic research and development

You can expect a thoughtful initial meeting where the Research and Development needs of your business are absorbed and understood before any action plan is proposed.  Whether you need a turnkey solution or just some additional horsepower at a bottle neck in your R&D process, we can find a sensible, rightsized solution.  With an experienced network of team members and a track record of successfully establishing production capacity both domestically and abroad, we can take you from idea to order fulfillment in a minimal amount of time.  You can expect rational down to Earth consultation, and assurance of capturing any IP entitlements along the way.

Don’t let a lack of resources prevent your company from executing on a great idea.  Contact us today.

Some Research and Development Services Available:

  • Business Planning / Market Research
  • Product Definition
  • Drawings & Specifications
  • Software simulation (MATLAB)
  • Prototype Building
  • Software / Firmware
  • Electronics Design
  • Performance Testing
  • Vendor Selection
  • Production Bidding
  • Beta Testing
  • Customer Feedback
  • Sales & Partner Technical Training
  • Launch Activities
  • Continuous Improvement

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