Data Center DDF (Design, Diagnostics & Forensics)

Data Centers are the ubiquitous mission critical facilities that keep technology enabled businesses alive. Continuity of critical power and precision cooling are among the most fundamental of physical requirements. Designing such systems rooted in accepted practice yet creatively tailored to individual business needs is a rewarding engineering pursuit.

Kleinholz Inc. founder, Jim Fink, P.E.’s intrigue with the mission critical facility began during his first exposure to one while working as a nuclear engineer officer on a US Navy submarine in the 1990’s. The equipment and achievement of reliability through redundancies was similar to that of today’s Fortune 500 company data center, just the consequence of failure was measured in lives rather than money. Since this valuable early operational experience, Jim has performed facility infrastructure design and served as engineer of record for hundreds of commercial building construction projects, many involving data center power and cooling systems.

Jim has also developed several data center related products, some with associated patents. In 2003 while working for American Power Conversion (now Schneider Electric) Jim developed the first data center aisle containment system, US Patent 6859366.

Early Data Center Hot Aisle Containment

The system enabled previously unattainable power densities and added unprecedented fault tolerance to data centers.  It remains in widespread use today, and has attracted quite a following of manufacturers who have “borrowed” the original design. Jim also product managed several innovative in-row rack cooling products, and a large floor mount direct fan drive cooling system.

Drawing on knowledge and experience obtained by having toured, studied and designed hundreds of data centers, we stand ready to provide vendor-neutral help with yours.  Whether just trying to eliminate a few hot spots,  optimize your energy C.O.P. (coefficient of performance), or make sense of what exactly caused an electrical or cooling outage,  we can help.   Contact now.

Some available data center services:

HVAC & Electrical Design

  •    New construction
  •    Buildout
  •    Isolated component upgrades

Problem Diagnosis / Resolution

  •    Power quality
  •    Spurious breaker tripping
  •    Overloads
  •    Hot spot fixes
  •    CFD simulations / what if scenarios
  •    Power density limit expansion


  •    Outage analysis, cause & origin reports
  •    Protective actions
  •    Fire
  •    UPS failures
  •    Battery failures
  •    Generator failures
  •    Cooling system failures
  •    IT equipment overheating