The Experts

James R. Fink, MSECE, PE


  • Electrical Fires
  • Electrocution & Shock
  • Arc flash Incidents
  • Electrical Safety
  • Data Center & Mission Critical Facilities
  • Power Quality
  • Electronics Forensic Analysis
  • Matlab event simulation

Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University
Masters in Business Administration, University of Rhode Island
US Navy Nuclear Power Engineering School
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Union College

Professional Registration:
Registered Professional Engineer, Rhode Island Lic # 8130
Registered Professional Engineer in NCEES reciprocity database, record # 40447

Professional Practice:
James R. Fink P.E. is currently president of Kleinholz Inc. Mr. Fink has also served as a general manager and lead electrical engineer at Thielsch Engineering, and Chief Technology Officer at Upsite Technologies, a data center infrastructure company. Before that, Mr. Fink held engineering roles at American Power Conversion, and worked as a nuclear engineer officer aboard a US Navy submarine.

Mr. Fink has over 20 years of experience with electrical and mechanical systems and products. As a licensed professional electrical consulting engineer, he has designed and overseen hundreds of electrical infrastructure projects. While working for electrical equipment manufacturers Jim has developed industry changing intellectual property in the data center space.

Professional Affiliations:
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Member

R.I. State Building Code Board of Appeals, Chairman, and Electrical Engineering Representative

R.I. State Electrical Code Committee, Chairman

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, Member National Fire Protection Association, Member

Honors, Awards and Qualifications:
Purdue University Golden Key Honor Society, 2014

Young Engineer of the Year, 2008
From the Rhode Island Society of Professional Engineers

Qualification by US Dept. of Energy NR Division as senior nuclear plant engineer, 1999

Ralph W. Stearns Award, 1994
For research in external synchronization of spread spectrum radio communications.

Donald C Loughry Hewlett Packard Award, 1994
For research in spread spectrum radio communication.

Eta Kappa Nu, Electrical Engineering Honor Society, 1994

Tau Beta Pi, Multi-discipline Engineering Honor Society, 1994

Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society, 1994

“Geomagnetic Induced Current in Power Transformers”
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“Plenum Leakage Bypass Airflow in Raised Floor Data Centers”
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“Susceptibility of Magnetic Hard Drives to External DC Magnetic Fields”
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“Calculating Cooling Inefficiency”
Datacenter Dynamics Focus Magazine, April / May 2012.

“Data Center Humidification Strategies”
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“Impact of High Density Hot Aisles on IT Personnel Work Conditions”
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International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics, Kumamo, Japan, March 2017
“Geomagnetic Induced Current in Power Transformers”

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“Bypass Air Flow in Raised Floor Data Centers”

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“National Electric Code – Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment”

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“Arc Flash Electrical Hazard – What it is and what you need to know”

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“Challenges in the High Density Data Center”

Stanford University High Performance Computing Conference, Stanford, CA, August 2006
“Predictable Performance in the High Density Data Center”

Ziff Davis Blade Server Summit – Atlanta, GA, December 2006
“Modularity in the Data Center, an Evolutionary Necessity”

US Patent 9016696; “Air Seal for Server Rack”
US Patent 6859366; “Data Center Cooling System”
US Patent 20060162357; “Split Power Input to Chiller”
European Patent 2079000; “Data Center Cooling System”
US Patent 8708164; “Internal Seals For Server Racks”
US Patent Pending 61/593,706; “Under PDU Grommet Device”


 John D. Jarrell, PhD, PE

PhD, Biology, Medical Science and Engineering, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, May 2008.

MSc, Materials Science and Engineering, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, May 1991.

Professional Engineer License (PE), Mechanical Engineering, Rhode Island, February 14, 1996.

ScB, Materials Science and Engineering, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, May 1988.

Dr. John D. Jarrell, PhD, PE, is an experienced multi-discipline engineer and doctor of medical science specializing in the analysis of complex designs and failures involving materials, mechanical and biological systems. As a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer, he is actively involved in design, product development and research. He earned three degrees from Brown University, a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Materials Science and Engineering and a Doctorate in Biology, Medical Science and Engineering.  He also received medical training in histology, physiology, microbiology and pathology. He has an appointment in the Department of Orthopaedics at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University and at the Weiss Center for Orthopaedic Trauma Research at Rhode Island Hospital. He has both U.S. and foreign patents covering photoactive materials, active delivery films and medical applications. He is the author of multiple peer reviewed publications and abstracts in collaboration with investigators at the Brown University Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology, and the Division of Engineering, Rhode Island Hospital’s Orthopedic Research Laboratories and the VA Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Jarrell also authored a guide book on materials selection for designers. He has been awarded contracts by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Rhode Island Hospital and the US Department of Justice. He is an ASTM member for standards Committees F04, Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices and E58 on Forensic Engineering.

SOCIETY AFFILIATIONS:  ASTM Intl.; Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS); Society for Biomaterials; National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE); American Society for Materials, International (ASM); International Metallographic Society (IMS); Heat Treating Society (HTS); Society of Carbide and Tool Engineering (SCTE); Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society (EDFAS); Society for Automotive Engineering International (SAE); Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation; International Association for Property and Evidence (IAPE); The International Congress for Joint Reconstruction (ICJR); and National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE, Int.).

CERTIFICATIONS:  Hazardous Waste, Laboratory Safety and Blood Borne Pathogens (Brown University); Electrosurgery CE Module (Valleylab, Institute of Clinical Education); Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams (National Institutes of Health); and CITI Course in The Protection of Human Research Subjects.

AWARDS & HONORS:  1) PBN Fastest Growing Businesses – 2015; 2) RI Governor Chafee Citation for RI Bioscience Award – August 2014; 3) RI Innovation Award in Health Care & Biotechnology Innovations – 2010; 4) RI House of Rep. and Secretary of State Certificate of Congratulations (Res. 09-264) – June 2009; 5) RI House of Rep. Citation for developing a propriety technology to thwart infection relating to medical device use – May 2009; 6) Winner of RI Business Plan Contest – 2009; 7) Sigma Xi Honor Society; 8) Best in Show, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Microscopy, ASM Intl., RI Chapter – 1994.

Vincelli, Jay M., Fatih Calakli, Michael A. Stone, Graham E. Forrester, Timothy Mellon, and John D. Jarrell. “Characterizing a Debris Field Using Digital Mosaicking and CAD Model Superimposition from Underwater Video.” Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing 82, no. 3 (2016): 223-232.

Nhiem Tran, Michael N. Kelley, Phong A. Tran, Dioscaris R. Garcia, John D. Jarrell, Roman A. Hayda and Christopher T. Born. Silver Doped Titanium Oxide – PDMS Hybrid Coating Inhibits Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis Growth on PEEK, Materials Science and Engineering: C 49 (2015): 201-209.

Nathan P. Thomas, Nhiem Tran, Phong A. Tran, Jerry L. Walters, John D. Jarrell, Roman A. Hayda, Christopher T. Born, Characterization and Bioactive Properties of Zirconia based Polymeric Hybrid for Orthopedic Applications, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 25:347-354.

Matthew D. Young, Nhiem Tran, Phong A. Tran, John D. Jarrell, Roman A. Hayda, Christopher T. Born. Niobium oxide–polydimethylsiloxane hybrid composite coatings for tuning primary fibroblast functions, J Biomed Mater Res A, (Online JUNE 24, 2013), 102 (5), 1478-1485.

Nhiem Tran, Phong Tran, John D Jarrell, Julie Engiles, Matthew Young, Nathan Thomas, Roman Hayda and Christopher Born. In vivo Caprine Model for Osteomyelitis and Evaluation of Biofilm Resistant Intramedullary Nails, BioMed Research International, vol. 2013, Article ID 674378, 11 pages, 2013. doi:10.1155/2013/674378

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Proceedings from the Materials and Processes for Medical Devices Conference, August 8–10, 2011, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, pg 143-148.

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Jarrell JD, Dolly B, Morgan JR. Rapid screening, in vitro study of metal oxide and polymer hybrids as delivery coatings for improved soft-tissue integration of implants. J Biomed Mater Res A, Volume 92A, Issue 3, Pages 1094-1104, 1 March 2010.

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Jarrell JD, Dolly B, Morgan JR. Controlled release of vanadium from titanium oxide coatings for improved integration of soft tissue implants. J Biomed Mater Res A, Volume 90A, Issue 1, Pages 272-281, June 2009.

Jarrell JD. Active metal oxides and polymer hybrids as biomaterials. PhD Thesis, Brown University, Providence RI, USA 2008.

Jarrell JD, Eun TH, Samale M, Briant C, Sheldon BW, Morgan JR, Metal Oxide Coated (MOC) Cell Culture Arrays for Rapid Biological Screening. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A 2007;83A:853-860.

JD Jarrell, Dislocation Structures of OFHC Copper Deformed by High Rate Pressure-Shear, Master’s Thesis: Brown University, Providence, RI, May 1991.

Jay M. Vincelli, MSc, PE

M.Sc, Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire (June 2013).

B.Sc, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida (May 2007).

Jay M Vincelli, M.Sc, is an experienced multi-discipline engineer specializing in computational analysis of biomechanical implants and aviation components, fracture analysis, and chemical and metallurgical analysis of steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel-based alloys. He is actively involved in engineering analysis, design, product development and research. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Florida and his Master of Science in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College, where he developed a computational method for quantifying wear in metal-on-metal hip retrievals and analyzed over 500 failed hip components. He has filed for a provisional patent covering a miniaturized cardiopulmonary bypass circuit for transgenic mouse testing. He is the author of a peer reviewed publication on a study of laser cleaning and pulsed gas tungsten arc welding of titanium alloy tubes. His collaborative work has been published with investigators at the University of Virginia Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center in Cherry Point, NC.

J. M. Vincelli, F. Calakli, M. A. Stone, G. E. Forrester, T. Mellon, and J. D. Jarrell, “Characterizing a Debris Field Using Digital Mosaicking and CAD Model Superimposition from Underwater Video,” Photogramm. Eng. Remote Sens., vol. 82, no. 3, pp. 223–232, 2016.

Vincelli, J, Development of Contact Metrology and Numerical Methods for Quantifying and Locating Wear in Metal on Metal Hip Retrievals, Master’s Thesis, Dartmouth, Hanover, NH, May 2013.

A. Kumar, M. Sapp, J. Vincelli, and M. C. Gupta, “A study on laser cleaning and pulsed gas tungsten arc welding of Ti-3Al-2.5V alloy tubes,” J. Mater. Process. Technol., vol. 210, no. 1, pp. 64–71, 2010.

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