Consulting Engineering at Kleinholz Inc.

Kleinholz Inc. is a consulting engineering company.

We specialize in forensic electrical engineering, expert witnessing, research & development and mission critical facility consulting.

Jim Fink, P.E., Kleinholz Inc. Consulting Engineering

Jim Fink, P.E.
Founder, Kleinholz Inc.

The superiority of our services stems from the founder’s joint technical, business and interpersonal abilities.  Those skills aren’t always standard equipment on engineers. Our clients not only benefit from Jim Fink’s 23 years of diverse electrical and mechanical engineering experience, but they also frequently remark on our eloquence of delivery and concise reduction of complex issues.

As a client you can expect your project will be addressed with technical rigor, filtered with a common sense of business, and expertly communicated. Please contact us today.


  • Kleinholz Inc.Professional Engineering Services
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Forensic Expert Witness Services
  • Product Design and Prototyping
  • Technical Training